A. Ince, J. Pickerill, R. White, E. Araujo, F. Ferretti, K. Mason, T. Rollo, J. Mullenite], “Anarchism and electoral democracy in ‘a turbulent moment’”, ACME, an international e-journal for critical geographies, 2017 16(4)
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par F.F.
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This paper is comprised of a series of short, conversational or polemical
interventions reflecting on the political ‘moment’ that has emerged in the wake of the rise of right-populist politics, particularly in the Global North. We position the UK’s ‘Brexit’ vote and the election of Donald Trump as US President as
emblematic of this shift, which has a longer genesis and a wider scale than these events alone. In particular, we draw on anarchist principles and approaches to consider opportunities for re-energising and re-orienting our academic and activist priorities in the wake of these turbulent times. Following a short introductory section, in which we collectively discuss key questions, challenges and tensions, each contributor individually draws from their own research or perspective to explore the possibilities of a politics beyond electoralism.

Anarchism ; populism ; social movements ; voting


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