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Article published on 14 December 2007
last modification on 17 June 2011
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Welcome to the Elisée Reclus website, a section of the Research on Anarchism forum. This site is dedicated to one of the most outstanding geographers in the world and of the most outstanding anarchist thinkers.

Elisée Reclus’ extraordinary intellectual, geographical and revolutionary odyssey took him to many countries, inspired him to produce the world’s most extensive body of geographical writing, and enabled him to discuss humanity’s relationship to nature and society in innovative ways that are still of vital relevance today.

You will find in these pages:

- A brief presentation

- Some of his English texts

- A bibliography of his English publications

- English comments upon Reclus’ life and works

- A bibliography of articles and books about Reclus

- Conferences, Conventions, Meetings related to Elisée Reclus

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